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Practice Your X Second Story

Since the ancient times, storytelling has been used to pass stories from one generation to the next.  Nowadays, storytelling has become a key element in building a business and our personal brand.

Here at Whereisjupjup, we love telling a good story to better connect with our community, family and friends. Imagine stringing the right words together to describe an experience? Or, making the sentences intertwined to paint a vibrant picture for the person you’re communicating with. Doesn’t this get you excited? It sure does for us! And how do you become better at storytelling? Well, practice makes perfect. 

We learned this storytelling tip at Wattpad HQ during their 10th anniversary celebration. There was a 60-second story station set up with a writer and a typewriter.  We were asked to select a number from the list of options presented to us. Then the writer would use that theme to craft your 60-second story. 

storytelling sixty second story writing speech

This is such a fun storytelling exercise to sharpen your writing and speaking skills. Coming up with a 60-second story won’t take up a lot of time. You can build this habit into your daily routine. After coming up with your story, you can recite it out loud to practice your intonation and delivery technique.

And you can try a variation. The most important is carving a few minutes out of your day to practice. 

Let’s give this a try! This is our first 15-second story. 

“I must get out of here,” he says to himself. He sprints forward running non-stop until something catches his attention. He turns to the left, then quickly turns to the right. Sigh. Maybe it’s just a figment of his imagination. It’s been like this for days.  Trying to catch his breath, he leans against the wall with a suspicious gaze at each bystander.  He reaches for his back pocket. The sudden buzzing of his phone interrupts his thought.  “Hello,” he mutters.  A mysterious caller on the other line says, “Wake up! Today is the day. Let’s do this!” 

storytelling exercise writing speaking
What’s your 15-second story?

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