what is passion?
Passion,  Stuck!

What is PASSION?

“Hey, what is your passion?”

When people ask you about your passions, do you get stressed out? It seems that in our generation, everyone must have at least one passion.  C’mon! There is something wrong with you if you don’t have one, right?

So what is passion exactly?

We believe everyone has a “Jup” in them.  It’s a process to be self-aware about what you love, what you hate, and what gets you going in life.  No matter where you are in your life journey,  we hope you can find time to ignite your “Jup”.  You can turn these emotions into something positive for your family, workplace, community, and the world.

What is your passion

Here are 3 personal reflection questions.
1. What are the gifts you have been given?
2. How can you steward what has been given to you?

This can be your time, your family, your skillset, your finances, and your experiences. 

3. How will you choose to spend the next precious minute entrusted to you?

Whether you are eating, sleeping, working, or spending time with someone, all these moments could be purposeful. 

Every day we are bombarded with many opportunities.

Each post on this blog is written with the hope that the story will inspire you to take 1 action. Sometimes finding your “Jup” doesn’t mean you have to make a 360-degree turn. Do it one step at a time. Your Jup is not meant to be hidden.  It is meant to be shared with the people around us. Be the light!

This is why our friend Miss S came up with the slogan #JupYouUP.

J = Jup

U = You

P = UP

We believe everyone has a “Jup” in them.  Jup is your passion! It’s your first love.   

We hope to add a little inspiration to your life through storytelling.  Have a great day! 

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