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“It’s Triangle coming!”

Hair.  It is the first thing that people usually look at when you meet someone.  Do you love your hair?  For over a decade I HATED my hair.

My hair was heavy, frizzy and unattractive. My thick black wavy hair sat awkwardly above my shoulders. The bangs resembled a thick and bushy moustache above my forehead. My hair didn’t seem to belong to my body. It felt like a separate entity that somehow attached itself to me. It did gain much attention. My hair helped me earn a nickname known as the “Triangle”.

Hey, it’s Triangle coming!”

The name was quite fitting to describe my hair because it grew in a 45-degree angle. If my hair had grown past my shoulders, I would look like a walking mob!

Growing up with this type of hair didn’t leave me with many options.  When hairstylists saw me for the first time, their immediate response was to cut my hair short and thin it out.  Each hair cutting experience intensified the dissatisfaction inside me.

I went on a long detour before loving the volume that thick coarse wavy hair could bring, and discovering the many hairstyles that could be explored!  One of the ways to fall in love with your hair is to find a good hairstylist. Meet Lip Lam who took me on a hair transformation journey! 

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