What does passion have to do with cars?

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A test question for kindergarteners. “Draw a car.”

This was one of the test questions in a pop up quiz.  The teacher who designed this test had an expectation that a 3-year-old kid should know what a car is, and what it should look like. How did we come to know that cars look somewhat like a rectangular shaped item with wheels at the bottom at such a young age?   Depending on your geographic location and upbringing, the concept of cars could be imprinted in your mind since you were born.

Perhaps we first came across them in cartoons. Remember Speed Buggy?

As we explore finding passion in our daily grinds, let’s take a closer look at the things that we interact with on a daily basis like cars.

Since the creation of automobiles by Karl Benz, cars have become intertwined with our lives.  Automobiles have forever altered the economy, our transportation system, and our lifestyle.

Cars have become a symbol of independence.

Remember the first time touching the steering wheel when you were at a legitimate age to drive? Driving by those who had to wait for the bus while you sat comfortably in your car? Driving your car to pick up your prom date?

Cars have become a necessity.

“It is simply a vehicle to get you from one place to another.”

For this reason, some people may prefer to spend as little money as possible on their car purchase.  They would rather spend the money elsewhere.

Cars have become a part of our lifestyle.

When you’re at the age making stable income, cars somehow become a part of our lifestyle. You pick the car that speaks to you.

“When I wake up in the morning to get into the car to drive to work, I want to see a nice shape in my driveway waiting for me. It’s a car that speaks to me…a car that stirs up this emotion inside me.”

Which car speaks to you?
Which car speaks to you?
Cars have become a part of our investment portfolio.

According to CNBC, high value classic cars are seen as an asset class more than a collectible item with a return outpacing investment in art and wine.

cars automobiles asset class collectibles
Would there be an increase in the demand for Cuban cars?
Cars have inspired entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a career.

Have you heard of Elo? He combined his experience in fashion and love for cars to create the London Motor Museum! Read more about his story on Forbes.

With more than 200 collectibles, visit the London Motor Museum!
With more than 200 collectibles at the London Motor Museum!

Or, how about Hilary Noack? Her love for cars and discontent for the stereotype associated in the auto body industry propelled her to create an all female auto body shop. You can read more about her story on CBC News.  Check out her website at, or follow her @autobodybarbie on Twitter and Instagram! 


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  • Shamus

    part of my dream job? Driving luxury sports cars as a career. Passion = Career

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