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Review – I wish P Mate was at the safari

Breathe, a sigh of relief. Such a thing exists? Wow! That was my reaction when I learned about P-Mate, a lightweight, disposable, convenient device to help women relieve themselves while standing up.

I still remember this scene in my mind. We were on an all day safari trip in Kenya. I tried not to drink too much liquid to prevent having to use the washroom. As you may know, toilet facilities are far away when you are on the reserve.  As much as we tried not to drink too much liquid, the time came when we needed to find a washroom facility or a tall tree! We frantically tried to find a safe haven in an open sparse area on the reserve. We couldn’t find a spot, so we decided to hide behind our safari truck. Luckily we had a huge blanket with us. One by one, we took turns holding up the blanket to conduct ourselves discreetly.

We had a good laugh, and that was one of our highlights for the day. However, I wish I had known about this product sooner.


When I learned about P-Mate, I couldn’t wait to try it at home. It felt a bit awkward at first, but it is super convenient. There is no need to entirely undress (depending on what type of pants you’re wearing), or squat. The material is extremely light, so you can easily fit it in your purse, or backpack. Surprisingly, it doesn’t leak which is great. If there is no recycling bin in the area, you can use a ziplock bag to store it until you have a chance to dispose it.  


If I had the P-Mate with me on the safari trip, I think I would still need to be discreet but there is no need to disrobe or find something to hide under when I was travelling.

I’ve also given one to my friend who is an avid camper and mountain climber. She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! This is what she said.

I wore a dress the first time I used it. I was paranoid, and had my legs too far apart. Then, I realized I could stand naturally like casually standing there. No mess at all. Just need to remember to tip the P-Mate forward so excess content can be emptied. The second time I tried it with jean shorts. And again, no problem.  No mess at all! I love how I don’t have to clean it to re-use.”

A pack includes 5 P-Mates with instructions. Whoo-hoo! No more squatting in open areas, or over a smelly port-a-potties.

p-mate travel essential
This is such an easy to use device. It easily fits in your purse or backpack so you can use it for any outdoor occasion.


Check out and get yours today. The website includes a “How to use” section with testimonials from all over the world.

Jup’s A-Ha

What a great invention! I wanted to share this product with the community because it is such a helpful device. It is also an excellent example to show the impact when we observe our surroundings and pay attention to the details. If you want to create a product or service to meet demands in the marketplace, find out what is your customer’s pain point? The Dutch born inventor, Moon Zijp was shocked at the washroom facilities while she was travelling in Indonesia. And she did something about it! She wanted to offer another solution to hovering or denying liquids while travelling.  Visit to read about her story.

Featured photo credit by Dr. Ming @mingyau8. Check out his amazing travel photography on Instagram! 


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