Annual Buffer Festival Youtube Content

Why go to the Buffer Festival?

This weekend is the 3rd annual Buffer Festival. It’s a weekend long event. You can still get tickets for the shows on Sunday! Visit

Is it worth your time?

My answer is yes. Buffer Festival was created by a Canadian entrepreneur, Corey Vidal. The event is growing every year. This year, Much partnered with Buffer Festival to stream the festival gala live on

The committee received about 200 videos to be premiered throughout this weekend. As a first timer attending the event, I was intrigued by the creativity presented right in front of my eyes. Some videos are more serious, and some are more light-hearted. The passion of these YouTubers are undeniable. I appreciated the opportunity to enter their world for a brief moment to see their perspective and get a taste of their creativity. Some of the videos were only submitted the day before the festival. The quality of the content was spectacular.

If you love Youtube, value creativity or looking to find something to do this weekend, check out Buffer Festival!

Here are some Youtubers and videos that were presented at the 2015 festival gala.

The Piano Guys

Suli Breaks

Crash Course Kids

Olan Rogers

PJ Liguori

The Vagabrothers

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    Looks like a great place to check out!

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