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3 Facts about Initium

#1  Initium is a Latin word. 

The word means from the beginning. Initium first emerged in 2007 as a hair salon created by a group of young passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to bring innovation to hairstyling.

Initium Salon Cafe Lounge

#2 It is a salon – café – lounge.

Having the desire to continuously innovate, Initium had a vision in 2013 to expand its offerings beyond hairstyling.

Initium Salon Cafe Lounge Foods


Initium Salon Cafe Lounge Markham

#3 Initium comes with a LCBO license. 

Initium Salon Cafe Lounge Celebrate Birthdays


“The most unique feature about Initium is that there is a cafe – lounge – bar! It’s a great place to catch up with friends before or after your hair appointment. It is known for its classy ambience. The location is also very convenient – just off of Highway 404”. — Tobi, a sophisticated gal from Toronto

Meet the masterminds at Initium. Continue reading to meet Lip Lam, the director of Initium.  He shares how he discovered his passion through his daily grind!

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