4 simple tips to start decluttering today!

There is always a first time for everything. Do you remember your first moments? Were they pivotal moments in your life?

In 2014, I went through a major purge at home. I found myself surrounded with stuff! Often times, I was wasting time looking for things around the house or taking too much time getting ready to get out of the house.  Decluttering has not been easy for me. Until this day, there are items I do not want to let go because they carry sentimental values. Or there are things that will conjure certain memories that I do not want to relive once again.

As I was decluttering, I reflected on the questions posed by The Minimalists.  Was I a victim of consumerism? Why did I accumulate all these things at home? Do we naturally like to possess items? Is it a feeling of superiority? Why do we like to own things?

How did I end up with so much stuff?

  • I am an expressive person. I find satisfaction in expressing myself through clothing.  My closet is filled with colorful dresses, pants, and tops with unique patterns.  
  • I love a particular item so much that I would buy two of the same kind.
  • I would travel to Hong Kong with an empty suitcase for the purpose of filling it with clothes, purses, and shoes. How can I miss out on the great fashion and discount in Asia! 
  • Then I came across a boutique store with great finds! Everything was the perfect fit for me.  How can I refuse? I became their VIP customer.
  • To be in control? When life is not going smoothly as I expected it to be, do I try to find instant gratification in shopping?  Do I find temporary satisfaction when something fits perfectly on me?

What are the benefits to decluttering?

  • Productivity. I have more time to pursue my passion and spend time with my loved ones.  
  • Value system.  While I am purging, I question myself on what is important, and what values drive me to make decisions in life. 

Here are three simple tips to help you begin your decluttering journey.  

 1) Find a friend to stay accountable. 

A friend at the time offered to help me discard things.  I thanked her but chose to go through the decluttering process alone. For me, purging is an emotional process. I would feel pressured and uncomfortable to have someone physically be with me.   I did find it helpful when I could bounce an idea off of someone. When in doubt, I would take a picture and share it with Miss L.

Miss S: “Why do you have golden shoes???”  Me: “I love to be in the spotlight.”
Miss S: “You look like a Leprechaun.”  Me: “Ok. Donate!”

2) If they do not fit, get rid of them!

Do not keep your clothes thinking you will lose or gain weight later.

Skirt too big

 3) Duplicate Items? Keep only one! Or, keep none! 

Duplicate jackets

4) Take breaks! 

Instead of dedicating an entire day to decluttering (you will go crazy), try spending 15 minutes every day.   Or, play the Minimalism Game #MinsGame!

Do share your decluttering stories with me. Let’s encourage each other! 

I enjoyed this decluttering journey so much that I decided to take it a bit further. See what Hercules and I decided to do with our engagement ring. 




  • Shamus

    Doing the same thing but with furniture and tools I know I’ll never use. So glad we live in a city where people still need circular saws, staple guns and power washers. Now if only someone would buy my oversized boxing glove cushion!

  • Jup You Up!

    I came across a small business that takes or buys used tools and make them available for the community’s usage. I’m trying to remember the name!

  • Shamus

    Boxing Glove Cushion sold! Used hats sold! Broken Christmas tree sold! Thank goodness for Sheridan College students that need this stuff for their art projects. Now only if someone would buy my used queen sized bed and antique mirror.

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